About the blog

This blog openly discusses fetishes and fetishism. I discuss these themes both on a personal and a general level. I draw from my personal experiences, but I try to cautiously generalize my thoughts and also ponder about questions that are bigger than me. In the long run my aim is to

  • stir a conversation about this rather unspoken issue
  • make fetishism appear more humane by giving it a friendly face
  • do away stigmatizing stereotypes
  • discuss problems related to fetishes and fetishism
  • adore and enjoy the many opportunities provided by fetishism.

To reach these goals I write different types of texts. This blog is for everyone who wants to read it. Therefore I try to write in an understandable manner and not to make too many inside jokes.

I consider critical thinking and a calm output to be some of my virtues, but as a blog this site is also channel for me to blow out some steam and enjoy some good vibes. My advice to the reader is not to take everything on this site too seriously.

Welcome here where sexuality, senses, sensitive periods and conditioning clash with cultural symbolism and the materialistic realm.

About the author

As of the publication of this blog, I’m an openly kinky citizen. I’m more widely known via my drag personality Wanda O Rly but this is my personal blog which doesn’t directly link to my art. Yet it discusses my fetishes, transvestism and other motives behind my art. In addition to sex and sexuality I have many interests. I’m a scientist by education and I do music and sports on my free time.

I’m societally active but I don’t root for any specific political party. Mainly I would like to see the role of scientific knowledge and expert statements to grow in decision making. Generally I hope that people would become more open to question thoughts and opinions they have adopted and that they demanded consistency from their selves. Naturally this is something I aspire to do as well and I let my thoughts and attitudes become evident through my writing. You may challenge me at will. After all, I’m ready to change my mind in the light of better evidence and reasoning.

I’ve gathered topics and motivation for this blog through out my life – ever since the time before elementary school when I remember having my first fetishistic thoughts. Along the way I’ve opened up to more and more trustworthy friends and thanks to their understanding reactions I’ve had the courage to continue being open.

Fetishes are a fundamental part of my sexuality and they reach out also to other areas of my life and my identity. I love dressing up, outfits and details. My strongest fetishes are boots, gloves, leather and PVC. The list of milder fetishes is almost endless, but I should mention at least riding outfits, corsets, bracelets and necklaces, lips, eyeglasses, scarves, hosiery, gags, and all oral activities.

I enjoy the clash of classic masculinity and femininity and I can plunge into both of these roles myself. However, to me cross-dressing is not an inherent need but rather something I’ve adopted to experience my feminine fetishes from another perspective.

I also find power play very natural and sensuous. I both like to submit and to dominate. Bondage, sensual testing of limits, maneuvering and humiliation through fetishes are of special interest to me.

My sexuality is one in billions but I believe investigating it can lead to more generalizable thoughts about sexuality, self-search and society.

I’ve pondered about starting this kind of blog for years but so far I’ve never had the time, energy and the courage to do so. Now everything finally feels right and I’m ready to speak my mind.

Increasing people’s understanding about their selves, each other and nature is one of the biggest goals of my life along with my own learning. I hope this blog will nurture each of these. I want to give other fetishists something relatable and I want to learn new things and to gain perspective through discussions. At the same time I want to portray the mind of a fetishist to anyone who’s interested.



Principles and rules


Even though I wish to encourage everyone by example to be open about themselves, everyone defines their own limits. This blog doesn’t reveal anyone’s private business against their own will.

Primarily I write about myself. If writing about myself reveals second hand information about another person (however remote), I will consult this person before publishing the text and only publish the text when everyone involved accept it. This principle applies equally to all the media content on the page.

Potentially offensive content

As declared, this blog deals with fetishes. Fetishes reflect our environment and society in various ways. They highlight the observed and experienced structures of power and attitudes. Due to this discussing fetishes produces content that may be offensive or even threatening if taken out of the context.

Still, this is exactly the reason the human sexuality provides a great window to observing the unspoken rules and assumptions we all can sense around us but can’t quite put our fingers on.

The human sexuality is vulnerable and subject to external influences. It has no rational or moral filters. Having said this – if you find the content of this page offensive, try to understand that the given content has been produced to make it openly observable and to expose the related established attitudes to forces of change.

Sexual and gender equality

The spectrum of our sexual preferences and gender experiences reflects the biological, psychological and cultural diversity of the human species. With this blog I wish to do justice and honor to this diversity and to provide a discussion platform for different voices.


Mutual respect in a discussion is about recognizing the value of the other. It is expressed with sober behavior and matter-of-fact arguments. Comments that attack the other or expose their private issues as well as any kind of trolling will be deleted without warning.

“If a human disagrees with you, let them live. In a hundred billion galaxies you will not find another.” – Carl Sagan

Thinking about bending the rules? That’s a whipping!