Cheers to fetishes!

Despite the burning need, writing about myself is not easy for me. I still feel like my texts lack some level of honesty and intimacy. To lighten the atmosphere I’ll try a more easy-going style. Hooray! Next I’m simply going to list some of the good stuff my fetishes have brought into my life. Here it comes with pictures!

  1. The experience of being different has increased my understanding and acceptance

    wp-1519655806862..jpgI believe this is a shared experience for everyone who for some reason have grown to be sensitive. Love is wise, hatred is foolish. I do my best to live each day according to this moral code.

  2. I’ve learned to know myself and interpret my feelings

    Deviating from the norm has pushed me to a thorough self-search of my emotions and needs. I’ve learned to know and accept them without shame.

    Up to my twenties I had trouble owning up to some sides of my sexuality. Failing to recognize its dynamic nature added to the confusion. To find a stable sexual identity, I tried boxing myself artificially to given categories but time after another I found myself becoming interested in things I thought I didn’t like.

    For me a part of growing up has been the realization that I don’t need to define myself based on what I don’t like. Quite the opposite, in addition to certain fixed desires, my sexuality is best described as curious and susceptible to influences.

  3. I’ve learned that honesty and openness allow me to grow and fill my relationships with trust

    pic3_smallEach time I’ve discussed my sexuality with a new person has been rewarding in some way. At best it has strengthen our relationship by increasing mutual trust and has encouraged the other to share something personal as well. At least it has opened up new perspectives and clarified why some people may find these topics and open discussions difficult. To justly expect their tolerance, I’ve respectively tried to understand their backgrounds and points of view.

  4. Facing myself has helped me build my character

    Facing myself and talking about it is the bravest thing I’ve ever done. Being gagged is a blast but only when it happens with my consent. Falling silent because of being ashamed is a different story.

    One shouldn’t take their self too seriously. That’s a prerequisite of a healthy confidence. “I don’t give a shit what everybody else thinks” is a typical phrase from the mouth someone who appears confident. I’ve chanted this mantra myself a lot but it’s never my honest primary reaction. Instead I’m intuitively worried about how socially popular my words and actions are. My sexual identity is one of the first things about which I’ve adopted a true sense of dignity.

  5. I know exactly what I like and I can arrange myself quality time

    Boots, gloves, leather, lace, jewelry, make up etc. – I can enjoy my fetishes on my own or in company.

    In love creating and realizing different visions in my free time. I do it by myself as well as with my wife and friends. Whether it’s about designing outfits, shopping, photography, having fun, discussions or sex, fetishes can be a part of everyday life and celebration.

  6. I’m thoughtful

    For their part, the insecurities of my past have helped me establish a habit of constant reflection. I question my own thoughts and feelings. I observe how they affect me and the people around me. I’ve become an independent thinker because many of the issues that I’ve wondered about along the way have felt meaningful and relevant only to myself.

  7. On the other hand I’m easy, when you know which buttons to push

    As a lover I’m somewhat exotic and open for pretty much anything. At the same time I’m idiot proof. My strongest fetishes are as if they were carved in stone.

  8. I have a strong vision that nurtures my imagination and creativity


    I’m not a great photographer or model yet, but I love taking pictures and posing for them. Photography allows me to present any object or person in the light I desire. I’m especially interested in perspectives that can be interpreted as erotic through fetishism. There’s perhaps no better way for me to communicate the insides of my head to other people.

  9. Pleasure

    The essence of all fetish related activities boils down to pleasure. Yet it is often not about direct sexual pleasure, but about small and big positive sensations here and there.

    I feel appreciated and loved when my wife decides to wear beautiful boots to an everyday trip to the grocery store. I feel free when I get to plunge into a highly detailed masculine or feminine essence. I feel connected when me and my friends plan and design party outfits together. I get small spikes of pleasure and inspiration when I see lovely outfits and confident people wearing them.

That’s that for this time. What have fetishes given to you? Tell about it in the comments! You may also leave

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  • good, bad and neutral feedback about the text
  • wishes about future topics
  • your own thoughts
  • any questions.

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